A Polytechnic that stands top with core values of innovation and effective leadership

Marist Polytechnic has its foundation rooted on the ideas of engaging the student with challenges that improve his overall thinking capability, making him a more useful citizen to state and society.

Our Core values

Excellence in Education

Marist achieves its ideal of excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education by actively engaging each student through exemplary teaching and distinctive learning opportunities.

A Sense of Community

Seeking to create relationships that will last a lifetime, we nurture the well-being and development of all our community members and cultivate their bonds with the College and each other.

Commitment to Service

The Marist ideal of service is predicated on our belief in the dignity and value of every human being. The College supports programs to meet a wide variety of community needs and to offer broader access to education.

Our Spotlight

A campus rooted in history but designed for the future. Marist is more than a place, it is an interconnected network and together it creates a living ecosystem for lifelong learning and growth. Our historic campus is teeming with opportunity - whether you're collecting samples straight from the Emene River, 3-D printing in the Coal Plant, or hiking along the scenic Fern Tor trail, our campus is uniquely designed to foster discovery, innovation, and synergy.

Our Diploma Programmes

Our Programmes


Computer Science

Our students can develop their computer skills and interest regardless of their career trajectory using the individual courses and full programs we offer.


Computer Engineering

Students pursuing these courses get to learn about the design, implementation, and management of information systems of computer hardware and software.


Business Administration and Management

Our students are equipped to possess critical thinking skills and practical knowledge of one or more areas in accounting, marketing, finance, and more

Our Vision

The vision of Marist Polytechnic is to be a world class Polytechnic that will pursue academic and moral excellence in science and technology for the wellbeing of the individual person and the society.


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