Our Motto:

"Science and Technology for Holistic Human Development."

Our Mission

The mission of Marist Polytechnic is the holistic formation of students to be graduates of science and technology who are anchored on skill acquisition, moral excellence and discipline for the transformation of the society.


The Institute of the Marist Brothers of the Schools, Province of Nigeria (aka – Marist Brothers of Nigeria (Catholic Mission)) have recorded success in education at the primary and secondary school levels so far. Encouraged by this success therefore, the Marist Brothers thought it wise to take up the challenges and contribute her quota in providing quality and holistic education anchored on moral excellence and skill acquisition at the tertiary level of education. Marist Polytechnic was formally approved by the Federal Ministry of Education on the 14th July 2016. It was given the licence by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to operate as a private Polytechnic having satisfied the entire requirements for the establishment of private polytechnics. Marist Polytechnic is located at Umuchigbo Iji-Nike in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. The location is serene, befitting, easily accessible and conducive to effective research, community service, teaching and learning.


Our Philosophy

The humanistic crises in contemporary Nigerian society and the world at large demands pedagogical interventions of making skilled acquisition and development of citizenship integral parts of education at all levels. The progression of any human society depends largely on the education content and relevance that will ensure human and environmental survival and progression. Here comes a relevant pedagogy in helping to bring out the goodness in the individual. Marist pedagogy is more of an attitude than a technique. It is a creatively developed skill in teaching, which the Marist Brothers and their lay collaborators achieved by systematic experimentation and analysis of teaching and learning in general with regard to education of children, modelled on the lifestyle of Virgin Mary following in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagnat.

Hence, Marist Polytechnic draws its philosophy from the National philosophy and objectives of technical education in Nigeria. That notwithstanding, its specific philosophy is progression of the Nigerian society through environmental survival, social order and economic wellbeing. This shall be attained through the development of citizenry with right morals, values, positive attitudes, sustainable knowledge and skills. Marist Polytechnic is committed to this philosophy.


Our Core Values

Love of God

Family Spirit

Hard work

Innovative and creative services

Integrity and Effective Leadership

Work Ethics and Self Discipline

Respect for Human Life

Respect for the Environment

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